Sandblasting, Chemical Cleaning, Pointing and Repointing of Stone Farmhouse in Rochdale

We cannot thank Geoff and his team enough for all their professionalism and hard work they have put into restoring the exterior of our three hundred year old farm house. It now looks amazing!

Our initial inquiry was to ask if it was possible to remove many layers of masonry paint that had been flaking off and breaking up for some time, and to restore it back to its original stone.

Geoff explained that he could provide 2 services; either sandblasting or chemical cleaning, but in order to decide the best option he would prefer to call up and do a small demonstration on the property  to see what the condition of the stone was underneath the paint.

He explained that the dearer option was chemical cleaning, but that may not be needed if sandblasting could remove the paint.

We were not sure what kind of stone lay underneath, but after the sandblasting demo, we decided that we would opt for this, and Geoff booked us in after we had discussed the prices.

His sons, Nathan and Liam came up and did the sandblasting of the whole frontal exterior and the 2 gable ends, which took a few days. They were extremely hard working and explained the process to us in fine detail.

Yes, the house took a battering and there was a lot of sweeping up to do but the lads did a great job tidying up afterwards.

Geoff and his team were all very helpful and explained all the processes in great detail every step of the way, ensuring that we were happy with the work as it was taking shape.

In total we had the sandblasting, a total repointing of the house , 2 silicone sealant outer |protective layers, and some additional stone work, (including ; additional stone work, new stone steps, new window cills, and removal of pebble dash).

Geoff and his team were very professional, reliable, punctual, friendly, extremely hard working and attentive. Nothing was ever too much for them.

We are thrilled with the work they have done. Our property has been completely transformed, and many people comment on how fantastic the house looks now.

Cleanpoint Restoration comes highly recommended!

Lisa and Pete (Rochdale)

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