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The Problem

Mosses, lichen and algae have now become a major problem throughout the UK for Local Authorities, Housing Associations and also the commercial and domestic sectors.

However, on some older historic buildings these growths have been welcomed, in fact, are actively encouraged because of their pleasing effect.

However, in cities and on modern buildings, mosses, lichen and algae have the opposite effect. Their appearance on brickwork, concrete, asbestos, stonework and masonry finishes is not acceptable. They have required roof cleaning services to help with the removing of moss from the roof.

Mosses, lichen and algae disfigure facing bricks and are a contributory factor to spalling of After Moss Killer brickwork and concrete. In addition they cause erosion of the mortar joints. Like all plant life, they hold and attract moisture, storing it within the brickwork or surface on which they are growing, giving rise to problems of water penetration. The fabric is further degraded by the excretion of acid.

These external growths destroy decorative coatings and if left untreated will rapidly ruin subsequent coatings. They will also dramatically reduce the life expectancy of waterproofing compounds.

Surface treatment by washing are ineffective against such tenacious problems, since they only remove the visible surface growth, leaving behind the roots within the fabric. These roots will re-germinate and grow within a matter of months.

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The Solution

The solution that we use has been developed following large-scale trials under widely varying conditions in many different parts of the country.

Local Authorities and Housing Associations have treated thousands of dwellings by removing moss from the roof, with growths returning within six months.

However, moss removal from the roof and brick & stone work has kept buildings completely free from mosses, lichen and algae for years.

Moss Removal And Treatment Technical Information

Our Moss Killer and Fungicidal is a clear, colourless solution containing unique biocides. It has unlimited shelf life if stored under normal conditions. Always Protect from frost and store in a dry location. It is non-flammable. Wash brushes, spray equipment etc., used for application in plenty of water.

Areas of Use

Moss, lichen and algae growth on brickwork, stonework, concrete and moss on the roof – these growths aggravate the problems of water penetration which lead to frost attack and spalling.

Moss removal and treatment with fungicidal and protect with one coat of silicone. For parapet walls, garden walls, coping stones and soldier courses, apply two coats of silicone.

Moss and lichen growth on roof tiles and asbestos roofs – moss removal fungicidal to be used to kill growths followed by one coat of silicone as protection against regrowth.

Algae on render – moss killer and fungicidal to be used to kill existing growths prior to re-rendering, redecoration or cladding.

Algae and moss growths on paths, walkways, drying areas and forecourts, cause slippery surfaces which can be a danger to tenants, particularly the elderly. Moss removal and treatment with fungicidal  remove dead growths and apply a second coat.

Woodwork – use the fungicidal to treat growths. Clean down and prepare surfaces and protect with silicone.

Moss on roof tiles, porches and corrugated asbestos – will eventually cause breakdown of roofing materials. This will mean that the moss on roof will need to require moss killer for roofs. The Moss removal and treatment with fungicidal followed by an application of  silicone for repair and protection of the roof.

Where We Operate Our Moss Killer and Moss Removal ServicesOur 1st class Moss Removal and Treatment services are available across Lancashire, Cheshire and Yorkshire including Liverpool, Manchester, Stockport, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Bolton, Central Manchester, Chorlton, Knutsford, Didsbury, Alderley Edge, Eccles, Rossendale, Rawtenstall, Halifax, Hebden Bridge, Ripponden, Stalybridge but also throughout the region and the UK.

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