Paint Stripper and Brick Pointing of End Terraced House in Littleborough Rochdale

Geoff, Liam and Nathan sorted the pointing on my ‘turn of the century’ end-terraced house. They had previously done a great job of stripping off old paint and cleaning the walls which exposed bad re-pointing and places where the mortar desperately needed repair.

I appreciated the time spent explaining to me my options, I took their advice and went for a ‘patch pointing’ repair to fix areas that had not already been repointed.

This was done efficiently and very neatly. I now have brickwork to be proud of thanks to the work of Cleanpoint Restoration and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Reasonable costs, great advice and a really nice crew.

Thanks to you all.

Cheers Guys and hope to see you one day for the front as it is still not finished with the builder.

At least I have lovely brickwork to admire  .

Thanks again Jo

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