Paint Removal, Brick Cleaning and Pointing of Brick House in Hollingworth Rochdale

We’d definitely recommend Geoff, Liam and Nathan as the work they carried out on our home was exceptional.

Geoff talked us through the whole process and was happy to answer questions and spend the time to listen to exactly what it was we were after.

When work commenced, they were punctual and set about their work as soon as they arrived every day.

The weather was atrocious with rain sleet and snow and yet they never once downed tools but continued on to ensure the job was done on time.

Always polite and friendly, a real treat to deal with people you can trust, not only to do the job but to do it well.

The fact that while they were on site, other people from the area were approaching them and asking them for their business card shows you that the standard of their work was admired not only by ourselves, but by passers by as well.

I have another job lined up, and It will definitely be Geoff from Cleanpoint Restoration who gets the call on that one too.

Russ & Claire, Hollingworth.

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Brick Cleaning and Stone Cleaning, Paint Removal from Brick and Stone, Pointing and Repointing Brickwork and Stone, Building Restoration, Sandblasting, Graffiti Removal, Moss Removal and Treatment, Brick and Stone Silicone Sealant

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