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Hi Geoff.

I’d been researching ways on how to my house brick cleaned and repointed for some time (the previous owners really made a mess, covering everything in paint to sell the house).

I first contacted Cleanpoint Restoration on a Sunday afternoon. I wasn’t expecting to hear back for a while, but received a phone call the same day.

Geoff hands out his advice free of charge and has an easy-going manner and put me at ease right away.

They’re clearly a busy bunch, as it took some time to arrange for him to come and view the house (we were busy too), but the subsequent quote was very fair.

The job took place in two phases. First Geoff and Liam came to do the paint stripping to the house, and then chemical clean the stonework. They were meticulous in sealing up the doors and windows, and in protecting the houses of my neighbours, local cars etc. This attention to detail was very much appreciated.

On the couple of occasions he had to come inside the house for water, he took his shoes off unasked – that was a real (and very welcome) surprise.

The job was completed far quicker than I expected, and the house already looked much better.

The pointing was arranged a couple of weeks later. I wasn’t present at the time, but my wife says the pointers were quick workers, polite, and cleaned up after themselves. The job was done in half a day and the work itself looks spectacular.

By far one of the best experiences I’ve had with tradesmen. I’d be very happy to recommend Cleanpoint Restoration to anybody.

Ian Saunders

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